The community garden/outdoor space that you are entering on behalf off will be judged on the following criteria:
1. How the community garden project has encouraged the inclusion of a range of people in the community e.g. different age groups
2. How plants and growing have been incorporated to allow for both sensory pleasure and enjoyment, but also the ability for people to get involved in growing
3. How the community garden has been a benefit to wildlife and biodiversity with consideration for sustainability in its construction and ongoing care
4. Evidence of the fun factor where the garden has allowed the people or group benefitting from the community garden/space to be creative and express themselves

Please give a short description (max. 250 words) of the inspiration behind your garden or outside space and how it fulfils the criteria above.

Upload between three to five photographs of your garden or outside space (one from each end of the community garden/outside space and one close up of the best part of your garden/outside space). Images submitted with the entry must not contain people.

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